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Advanced Wealth Planning and Lifestyle Management Workshop

What Past Course Delegates Say

“Really wonderful & informative. I will be telling all my colleagues – we are never taught this stuff at med school!”

Infectious Disease Specialist, Advanced Wealth Planning & Management Workshop, 14-15 May 2016

Why Attend This Course?

Ready to take control of your financial life?

Keen to understand the secrets of the independently wealthy?

This workshop will help explain how to effectively and consistently convert high income into appreciating assets that will provide for your desired lifestyle now and into retirement, as well as help establish a platform for intergenerational success.

Key Features

  • Two days of intensive lecture and workshop style presentations
  • All presenters are leading professionals in business and financial disciplines specialising in healthcare consultancy
  • Personalised needs analyses and action plans
  • Course workbook and resource library
  • Networking social functions
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided

Keynote Sessions

9:00 AM
  • Your Values, Goals and Vision

    Your personal values are your core principles. This session will guide you through the importance of continually setting goals throughout life that align to your values and overarching vision.

    30 mins
9:30 AM
  • Risk Tolerance and Investor Profiling

    When investing it is important that you consider the level of risk as well as the return on an investment in view of your circumstances and investment goals. Risk means different things to different investors. For some, investment risk means the likelihood of a loss of capital, while for others it is the level of volatility of an investment, or the risk of your portfolio not producing enough to live on.

    30 mins
10:30 AM
  • Understanding Asset Classes and Investment Platforms

    Asset classes and structures are the building blocks to an investment portfolio – but what allocation and which platform are right for you? These sessions will debunk key considerations for constructing your portfolio including risk versus return, growth vs defensive, industry super funds vs wrap accounts vs SMSFs vs SAFs.

    30 mins
11:00 AM
  • Understanding Relevant Super Legislation

    It’s important to understand the recent changes to super legislation and their effect on your retirement planning. Discover the contribution strategies that will help you maximise your retirement savings nest egg.

    15 mins
11:15 AM
  • Debt Management and Finance Strategy

    Having a sound understanding of different types of income, cash flow, deductibility of debt and tax implications for income structures is crucial when managing your finances. These sessions will guide you through the processes, applying practical case study examples to help you make informed decisions.

    15 mins
11:30 AM
  • Property – A Diagnostic Approach to Investing

    Property speculating is almost our national sport and yet very little science goes in to most property investment decisions. Develop an understanding of the fundamental principals in minimising risks and optimising results with respect to buying, selling, renovating or developing property as part of your investment portfolio.

    15 mins
11:45 AM
  • Managing Risks

    Managing risks effectively is more than taking out an insurance policy. Grasp an understanding of the appropriate structure, risk management framework, types of insurance, level of cover and service agreements required to ensure both you and your practice are adequately protected.

    15 mins
12:00 PM
  • Estate Planning Strategy

    What is the key to effectively transferring your wealth to the next generation? This session will guide you through five key steps to building a robust estate plan.

    15 mins
12:15 PM
  • Building a Bullet-Proof Financial Plan

    This session will guide delegates through the process of developing a financial plan that acts as a road map for setting goals, addressing and choosing from available options, dealing with unforeseen events and providing clarity in a complicated environment.

    15 mins
12:45 PM
  • Choosing and Working With Advisers

    One of the common themes of happy and successful doctors is having a team of trusted advisers to support them in realising their vision. This session will outline the role and characteristics of the trusted adviser.

    15 mins

Meet our Education Partner Network

The Private Practice Education Partner Network are a national team comprising of leading professionals in business and financial disciplines specialising in healthcare consultancy.

To find out more about our team members, please follow the link below to view their profiles.

What Past Course Delegates Say

“Relevant, tailored & detailed information essential to succeeding in both career and personal life.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Advanced Wealth Planning and Management Workshop, 29-30 October 2016


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