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The Private Practice 'Comprehensive'

What Past Course Delegates Say

“I am so happy I found this course (or this course found me). This, in a nutshell, is everything you need to know, that you are never taught, to survive in the real world.”

Anaesthetist, The Private Practice 'Comprehensive', 28-30 October 2016

Why Attend This Course?

The Private Practice ‘Comprehensive’ has been developed for Advanced Trainees, recent Fellows and Consultants seeking a smooth and efficient transition to private practice.

The three day course aims to prepare you for the challenges involved with establishing and managing a successful medical practice. Additionally, the course provides training on the action, processes and habits required to achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Key Features

  • CPD point entitlement
  • Three days of intensive lecture and workshop style presentations
  • All presenters are leading professionals in business and financial disciplines specialising in healthcare consultancy
  • Personalised needs analyses and action plans
  • Course workbook and resource library
  • Networking social functions
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided

Keynote Sessions

9:00 AM
  • From Effective to Successful

    Discover the core role that ‘sound’ principals in business and financial management play in achieving your practice and lifestyle goals.

    30 mins
9:30 AM
  • Starting With The End In Mind

    Harness the mind-set required, as well as the practice development and operational strategies needed, to build a business that will work despite you, not just because of you.

    30 mins
10:30 AM
  • Practice Set-Up

    Develop a checklist and action plan for assessing your options with respect to buying into or setting up your practice, and successfully managing the process to fruition.

    30 mins
11:00 AM
  • Practice Management and The Role Of The Practice Manager

    A good practice manager is an invaluable asset, particularly during the period of practice set-up and establishment, but what exactly should this all-important role encompass, and how do you find and train the ideal candidate? This session will outline the key considerations you need to know.

    15 mins
11:15 AM
  • Medical Practice Business Planning

    Grasp an understanding of the theory and tools for providing structure and systems for project and people management.

    15 mins
11:30 AM
  • Medicare and Medical Billing

    Deep dive into how the Medicare system works and realise how you can optimise the results for your practice.

    15 mins
11:45 AM
  • Tax, Accounting and Business Structures

    Choosing an appropriate financial and business structure, accounting and taxation basics and complying with legislation are critical steps when setting up your practice. These sessions will guide you through the processes, applying practical case study examples with relevance to current hot topics to help you make informed decisions.

    15 mins
12:00 PM
  • Medico-Legal Risk Management

    Protecting and managing your practice against risk is an essential component of running a successful business. These sessions will explore risks in practice, claims experience, tools to assess risk, strategies to manage risk, managing the risks of others, professional indemnity for the practitioner and the practice and choosing the right type and level of cover.

    15 mins
12:15 PM
  • Personal Risk Management

    ‘Stuff’ happens! Discover why and how to design and implement your own personal and family long-term ‘safety net’ for protection against unforeseen events.

    15 mins
12:45 PM
  • Banking and Finance

    Do you know what practice, investment and personal finance products and strategies are available to you? This session will explore tailored solutions designed for the unique needs of healthcare professionals.

    15 mins
1:00 PM
  • Medical Practice Information Technology

    Advance and maximise your practice and personal efficiency through smart adoption of technology and strategy. 

    15 mins
1:30 PM
  • Wealth Creation and Lifestyle Planning

    Making it and keeping it. Develop a sound comprehension of money do’s and don’ts, smart debt management, understanding investments, understanding legislation and choosing the right team to work with.

    15 mins
1:45 PM
  • Asset Protection and Estate Planning

    The use of family trusts and other mechanisms, if implemented correctly, can help protect your personal assets from claim. This session will guide you through the strategies available, as well as outline the proper planning required to minimise adverse tax effects for beneficiaries.

    15 mins
2:00 PM
  • Medical Practice Marketing

    Marketing communicates your promise – what differentiates yours from every other practice – but it also focuses on the way your practice delivers that promise. This session will explore a range of marketing strategies to help you communicate your promise, including branding, generating referrals, the role of education, websites, internet, social media and patient experience management.

    15 mins
2:15 PM
  • Practice Design and Construction

    Realise the impact of principals in design and construction on patient/customer attraction and satisfaction levels, as well as efficient work-flow for operational optimisation.

    15 mins

Meet our Education Partner Network

The Private Practice Education Partner Network are a national team comprising of leading professionals in business and financial disciplines specialising in healthcare consultancy.

To find out more about our team members, please follow the link below to view their profiles.

What Past Course Delegates Say

"You fill a HUGE gap, there were a number of “unknown – unknowns” to learn and all of them are important."

Obstetrician and Gynecologist, The Private Practice 'Comprehensive', 29 April - 1 May 2016


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